About Double 8 Alpaca & Llama Ranch

Double 8 Alpaca & Llama Ranch is a full service alpaca operation located in beautiful western Loudoun County, Virginia, approximately 50 miles from Washington, DC. We are buyers and sellers of alpaca livestock, fiber and fleece products. Our specialty is black, since it never goes out of style.

Our History

The farm is owned and operated by Doug and Bonnie Kittrell who started raising alpacas in 2005 after extensive research and attending many educational seminars. Prior to purchasing their first herd of 5 alpacas, they secured a farm at which they boarded and shadowed the owners and herd health managers to learn the proper care of the alpacas.  After boarding for just under a year and when they felt as if they were knowledgeable enough to care for our own herd, they purchased land with adequate fencing and barns for the alpacas. 

Since then, they have grown their herd to over 40 alpacas and recently added llamas to the breeding operation. The farm is also home to many other gentle animals, such as horses, chickens and dogs that provide unconditional love to anyone who visits.

Our Philosophy

Raising healthy alpacas and llamas and sharing knowledge of these beautiful animals is farmer Bonnie’s & Doug’s passion.

  • Animal nutrition and training – The nutrition and training of the alpacas and llamas at Double 8 Alpaca & Llama Ranch are of utmost importance. We believe that a nutritionally sound and well-trained animal is a happy and healthy animal. As a result, our alpacas and llamas can be handled for routine health tasks, such as weighing, toenail trimmings, de-worming, and shearing and are gentle with our visitors.
  • Sharing our knowledge – We feel that mentoring and consulting with new alpaca and llama farmers is an important head start that Bonnie and Doug experienced early on. Beyond our local farmers, the German Consulate and local veteran groups have come to learn about farming with alpacas and agritourism at Double 8 Alpaca & Llama Ranch.
  • Giving back to the communityDouble 8 Alpaca & Llama Ranch is the host farm to the Loudoun County 4H Alpaca Club. The 4H youth learn on our farm how to care for, train, and show alpacas and llamas at the Loudoun County Fair.


Double 8 Alpaca & Llama Ranch is active in the alpaca & llama industry and is a member of the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA), the Greater Appalachian Llama and Alpaca Association (GALA), and the International Lama (Llama) Registry (ILR).  All of the Double 8 alpacas and llamas are DNA tested and registered with AOA and ILR.

Double 8 Alpaca & Llama Ranch is also honored to be a part of the Loudoun, VA Made • Loudoun, VA Grown™ program between Loudoun Economic Development and Take Loudoun Home.  In their own words, “Loudoun, VA Made • Loudoun, VA Grown™ strives to enhance the economic opportunities and success of Loudoun’s rural producers, including its farmers, processors and sellers, through increased sales and enhanced awareness of top quality local products.”

Look for this logo on a lot of our products and the products of our neighbors and fellow farmers in the Loudoun community. We encourage you to buy local and support your communities and farmers!