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Double 8 Alpaca Ranch
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NOTE:  Pet Quality does not necessarily mean the alpaca is friendly like a puppy dog.  Alpacas in general are more cat-like in their temperament, and really do not preferred to be overly handled.  Alpacas are a social animal and can become depressed or very stressed if they are not with others of the same species.  It is important to keep alpacas and/or llamas in herds of no less than 3, with 5 or more being optimal for their social and overall health and well-being.

CARE:  It is necessary that you and your family are willing to care for the alpacas health monthly, which includes an Ivermectin injection once every 30 days to protect the alpaca from Meningeal infection.  Adequate shelter (3-sided shed), alpaca specific food (soft 2nd or 3rd cutting grass hay, pasture, minerals), fresh water, and fencing (keeping dogs away) and once yearly shearing is required.  Fans in the heat of the summer, fresh clean water daily, and a good 2nd cutting hay free choice.  It is also very important to have a knowledgeable camelid veterinarian nearby.

APPLICATION: We require a completed application, so we may best match the alpacas or Llamas to your experience level and goals for owning and raising alpacas.  Click HERE to start your application.  

Double 8 Alpaca Ranch will offer mentoring to new alpaca owners.  The continued care of the animals after they leave our farm is important to us.  

PRICE RANGE: Call to discuss price ranges 703-628-1930

We offer production females, herd sires, stud services, and non breeders for sale.

We tend to shy away from calling alpacas "pets" as it's our belief alpacas and llamas are livestock and should be kept in herds.  Alpaca and llamas are more cat-like in their temperaments and do not care to be petted or hugged.  Alpacas do have varying temperaments like every other livestock species.  In general, an alpaca that is tolerant of being petted or hugged without exhibiting dangerous behaviors towards their human is very rare.  With all this said, our alpacas have varying temperaments and about 1/10 of our herd will approach us for the occasional treat.  A properly socialized alpaca will not disrespect your personal space.  Any animal (dog, horse, goat, sheep, alpaca, llama) that pushes into your space, gets into your face, or bops into you may have been over handled as a young animal, not taught proper boundaries, and may even view humans as part of their herd.  Any animal exhibiting this behavior can become dangerous towards humans especially if they are mature males.  Please research Aberrant Behavior Syndrome, or Berserk Male Syndrome.

Most of our alpacas and llamas are halter trained.  We halter train our alpacas and llamas for the following reasons:

1. Management:  A haltered alpaca or llama can be easier to manage during herd health days, when an animal is sick and needs to visit a veterinarian, or if needed to be moved or evacuated.

2. Attend Shows:  Depending on how well the alpaca or llama excepts the halter training process and how well they lead on halter will determine if we decide to take them off farm to attend shows.  If an alpaca or llama is too nervous, we will show their fleece once its shorn instead of taking them off farm.

3. 4H, Youth Show Club, and Trekking:  Alpacas or llamas tolerant to walking on lead and doing obstacles are used by our non-ownership 4H members and will be used for our future trekking (hiking) trips.  

Alpaca Livestock Sales
Alpaca Livestock Sales

Our colors range from black, which is our breeding focus, to recessive black-fawns, white, grey, and browns.  We have color champion and award winning alpacas and also healthy breeding stock or what some call foundation alpacas and non-breeders.  We can help you decide what your niche will be.  Call us today to schedule an appointment.  540-303-7071  Visit our Openherd page to get more information about our Alpaca Sales List;

Double 8 Suri Herdsires
Double 8 Suri Herdsires

WLK MILANO is a 6X Color Champion Suri Herdsire.  He produces true black and the color of the dam.  He's conformationally perfect, with lustrous fine and dense locking fiber.  His temperament is super sweet and this is also passed onto his progeny.  

Stud Fee:  $1,500

Double 8 Huacaya Herdsires-Encore
Double 8 Huacaya Herdsires-Encore

AOV ENTERPRISING ENCORE is a multiple champion medium fawn herdsire.  Son of Accoyo America Enterprise, Encore produces BLACK to white! He carries a fine, DENSE, and well-defined crimped fleece.  He was taken back out to show as a 10 year old male.  The judges were pleased with Encore's continued fineness and especially the organization and crimp of his fleece.  We have two black offspring from Encore here at our farm.  He is also a very sweet male, and his temperament passes onto his progeny as does his excellent fiber characteristics!

Stud Fee: $1,500


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