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Double 8 Alpaca Ranch
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Reign and Equinox in Creep Feeder

Reign and Equinox in Creep Feeder



$3.50 per day for each boarded alpaca.  Includes the best quality feed, fiber nutrients, probiotics and hay available.  DAILY cleaning of stalls.  FRESH water given EVERY day.  Includes monthly deworming, vaccinations, fecal analysis.  Medical treatments and veterinarian services are extra.  Discounts available for small herds - call us.

$6.00 per day for each boarded alpaca with an unweaned cria.  Includes extra nutrition for the dam.  Dam and Cria pens are cleaned TWICE daily.  This fee also includes halter training of crias 5 mos and older.

$250 (April - November)  Or  $450 (December -March) birthing fee plus veterinarian fees .  Birthing includes monitoring the birth, scheduling a cria vet-check, cria immunizations (CD&T, oral Ecoli and Vit. ADEB12 if needed)  The cria will be monitored after birth to make sure it is nursing and weights will be taken daily for the first month, then weekly or biweekly up until 3 months of age, then once a month after 4 months of age.  ALL crias will be taught how to properly socialize with humans, how to stand in balance during herd health procedures, and halter trained between 5 & 6 months of age.  An alpaca that is well-managed is one that will behave well in the show ring.

Requirement prior to agisting at Double 8 Alpaca Ranch(All documents must be received prior to animals arriving)

  • Current Rabies Vaccination
  • Current Tetanus Vaccination
  • Copy of BVDV free results from a certified veterinarian
  • Original copy - CVI (Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection) from a certified veterinarian less than 30 days prior to arrival, stating that the animal is free of all contagious/communicable diseases, free of nasal and eye discharge.
  • Copy of Herd Health records for a minimum of 1 year, indicating meningeal worming (Ivomec or Dectomax) and parasital stomach deworming and rabies & tetanus vaccinations, and other herd health needs.

Boarding Includes:

  • Daily Supplemental Crumble - Ration is determined by the individual alpaca's current weight and breeding status.
  • Free-choice minerals, quality hay consisting of 10-13% protein, and clean fresh water provided daily.
  • Acres of pastures are available for daily grazing and exercise.  Double 8 Alpaca Ranch's pastures have been tested by Holmes Laboratory and found to meet the nutritional requirements for alpacas. In addition, Double 8's supplement strategy was created by alpaca nutrition expert, Dr. Norm Evans.
  • A cria creep-feed area offers free choice feed and fresh water for the crias who reside at Double 8 Alpaca Ranch.
  • Respectful handling techniques used for herd maintenance.
  • Weights taken monthly for deworming and maintenance.
  • Toenails  trimmed monthly or as needed.
  • Fans provided in all shelters during hot seasons.
  • Alpacas bellies, necks, and legs are hosed with cool water during days of 85 degrees or hotter.
  • Manure is cleaned once DAILY in all pens, TWICE DAILY in dam and cria pens.
  • Solar fly traps are in every paddock, which is highly effective at reducing flies!
  • Bred dams receive additional nutrition as needed.
  • Fecals are taken as needed and any follow-up oral deworming treatment is provided. (The boarder will pay an additional cost for excessive treatments)
  • Every alpaca who resides at Double 8 Alpaca Ranch is monitored daily for overall health.  Alpacas are stoic animals, therefore we watch their social behavior, check the brightness of their eyes, the positioning of their ears, their food intake and waste output, and take monthly weights to determine their overall health.
  • Double 8 Alpacas have a trio of certified large animal veterinarians who have many years experience working with alpacas.
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