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Double 8 Alpaca Ranch
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Wow Moment
Wow Moment

If you're looking for that WOW moment to make your wedding, birthday, or other special event unforgettable, then we can definitely recommend an event with alpacas and or llamas!

Our alpacas and llamas are gentle and very sweet with their soft "hums" making a perfect backdrop for your wedding guests. They can be as involved in your special day as you wish, from a small background feature to your main event of walking down the aisle.  Whatever role our alpacas play, they will certainly charm and entertain your guests and add an extra special touch to your special day.

*Please note that because our alpacas and Llamas come from a sizeable herd, we will always bring 2.  Their herd instincts are very strong and we want them to feel safe with a buddy.  We can bring 2 alpacas OR 1 alpaca and 1 llama. 

Bridal Showers

Our alpacas and llamas are gentle and willing to adapt to your special occasion.  They can be dressed however you wish.  They can wear a simple veil and bow tie, they can wear faux garland with roses, a birthday hat or sash, or they can come in their natural soft alpaca self.  We have a veil, bow tie, faux ivy leaf garland, and birthday hat.  You would need to provide any other simple adornments such as a sash or roses for the faux ivy leaf garland should you chose.

Wedding Alpackage
Wedding Alpackage

Our Wedding "Alpacakage" is designed to suit most wedding sizes, venues, and budgets.  

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Wedding Alpackage $750

A perfectly simple addition to your celebration.  Includes two (2) Alpacas for one and a half (1 1/2) hours at your pre or post wedding reception, birthday, or other special event.  We arrive 15 minutes prior to your ceremony so we do not disturb your event.  Simply tell us when and where you would like the alpacas or llamas to arrive.  One location only.  Our handler will lead the alpacas through your venue and allow plenty of opportunity for petting or nose nuzzling.  We will then supply the alpacas to the bride and groom, wedding party, or birthday or special event person for photographs by your photographer so you may capture those precious moments.  Selfies with the guests of your event is a big hit!  

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